Best Plugins to Promote Your WordPress Website

If you want success online, you need to market your website. You post content so other users would view it after all. You just need to spread the word to get visitors to your site.

WordPress users are particularly lucky here because WordPress has 47,000+ plugins, and a bunch of them are designed to help you reach your target audience.

Given the importance of promoting your site, we’ll cover the most important plugins that can help you get more visitors.

Best Plugins to Promote Your WordPress Website
Best Plugins to Promote Your WordPress Website

Yoast SEO

Every website owner should know how important search engine optimization is. Search engines are the single most potent source of new traffic.

As you can probably guess, there’s an array of plugins to help you get that top spot in search results. Among those, Yoast SEO is the current top dog.

It is a comprehensive plugin that helps with on-page SEO, title and meta tag management, creating XML sitemaps, and a bunch of other SEO aspects.

Moreover, it is beginner-friendly. If you’re new to SEO, this plugin is a perfect tool to get you started.


An email list should be a tool in every website owner’s repertoire. Sending out a newsletter is one of the best ways to keep already interested users updated about new content.

The idea is simple. You get users who already liked one piece of your content to subscribe. Then you use email to keep them coming back for more.

MailChimp makes this easy. If you install this plugin, you can place a sign-up form on your website. The form is aesthetically pleasing, with intuitive interface, and optimized for mobile devices.

Users can then sign up for your newsletter, and you can use MailChimp to send out updates when you need to. It’s a simple yet effective system.


Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin. It helps with SEO, analytics, and other things useful for getting more traffic. However, we have included it in this list for its option to auto-post on social media.

Social media usage is so widespread it’s practically impossible to avoid it in 2019. If you want a well-visited site, creating and managing accounts on all relevant social networks is a must. Social media accounts can be used identically as email lists—to keep your audience updated about new content.

Jetpack can automate this process.

Writing an individual post on each social media account can be time-consuming. That’s why you can use Jetpack to auto-post on social media every time you come out with a new piece of content.

This tactic can save you hours upon hours in the long run. Just remember to post something unique on your social media profiles from time to time. You don’t want your audience to get bored with the same generic updates and unfollow.

Shared Counts

Continuing with the theme of social media, we have Shared Counts. Instead of updating your existing audience, this plugin helps you get new visitors.

As its name suggests, Shared Counts has to do with sharing. To be more precise, it lets you include social share buttons before, after, or in the middle of every post.

Users who like your content can click the buttons to share it with their friends on social media. More shares lead to more new visitors.

Also simple, yet it works well. A social share plugin is a must-have on every website.


That concludes our list of top plugins that help you promote your site. These solutions are all easy to use and yield excellent results. Implement them on your WordPress site, and you’ll get a significant traffic boost in the near future.

And if you’re interested in expanding your WordPress knowledge, check out this infographic. It has some exciting info that might interest you.

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