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Blood Clot Brain Surgery Cost in India

Your brain is a small complicated space. It has so many veins, areas and corners that you cannot even think of. Only the brain specialists know what exactly your brain want to say when in pain or is not well. In simple words if you are facing any issues with your head and you think you are the master then you must think again. You know if you don’t pay much attention you might get a victim of brain blood clot. If you think that you might have grave brain issues but you don’t want to go to doctor because you feel that the treatment would be really expensive then you must check out blood clot brain surgery cost in India. It is not too high and you can afford it. Come on, you cannot take a risk with your life.

Blood Clot Brain Surgery Cost in India
Blood Clot Brain Surgery Cost in India

Before you understand the different kinds of brain clot surgery along with their respective procedures, it is vital to know the kinds of haematomas that can be observed near your brain area:

Epidural Haematomas

This generally emerges due to an injury triggered to the middle meningeal artery situated often near the temple. The bleeding accumulated in the epidural space that is present outside the brain’s lining or “dura”. As the dura is linked with the skull, even minor haematomas can result in noteworthy amount of pressure.

Intracerebral Haematomas

These are the haematomas that are seen inside the brain tissue itself. This might end up from bleeding caused because of uncontrolled high pressure, trauma, tumour, stroke, or an aneurysm rupture or even leakage.

Subdural Haematomas

The source of this specific category is also injury, but it is chiefly situated in the veins that are inside the brain. The leak of blood shall be lower than that in other areas which slowly enters the “subdural” space available below the dura.

Remember that to treat a haematoma taking place in the brain, surgery has to be necessary. The kind of haematoma you have is going to determine the choice of surgery the surgeon shall opt. There are two major kinds:

Process Involved in Burr Whole Drainage

In this surgical process, the clot situated near the brain is detached. These clots are also called subdural haematomas as they emerge below the dura. As haematomas can pad the brain tissue, it can bring about various life-threatening complications. Some cases may need an open surgery, but for some will require a burr whole drainage. At this place, a minor percolation is made through the skull of the patient to let out the blood by sucking it out so as to relieve the pressure formed on the brain.

In the patients who have chronic subdural haematoma, the clot might start to enlarge gradually with time that too without showing any evidence symptoms initially. Some of the danger factors that upsurge the chances of having subdural haematoma include older age, using anticoagulant medications, excessive consumption of alcohol, and brain wounds.

For conducting this process, general anaesthesia is going to be necessary. The head of the patient is going to be shaved where the treatment shall be conducted. After positioning the head properly, the surgical team applies an antibiotic solution to avert any form of infection. A tiny incision will be made through the scalp and with the assistance of a surgical drill; a small separation will be made. The dura will be cut opened and it will get access to the haematoma. The zone will be rinsed out via irrigation. The region is then drained making use of a tube to ensure that the blood clot along with additional fluid is drawn out. The incision is going to be closed thereafter.

Process that include Craniotomy

Once the haematoma is more severe and huge, an open surgery will be essential. This process is known as craniotomy. This surgical approach is believed to be more effective if you compare it to other treatment method when the haematomas that are triggering troubles are not improving by themselves. In this procedure, skull of the patient gets opened up for eradicating the blood clot that created earlier. An incision is essential to be made in scalp, after which a bone termed as bone flap is eradicated for accessing the place that has been affected by blood clot. The haematoma is removed by surgeon and the area will be drained without triggering any damage to nearby tissue. After blood clot is removed, the opening of skull is going to be replaced and reattached with bone flap. After this the scalp tissue is sewn.


SO, before you say that the blood clot brain surgery cost in India is too high, it is important to explore. You would not find the cost much once you know about the facts. Make sure that you get the treatment timely or you might put your life in risk.

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