9 Reasons To Choose Riedel Glassware For Home

Riedel is a well-known brand in glassware. Buying products from this brand guarantee a high-quality product which can withstand usage as well as time. They are also known for crafting glasses to enhance the flavors of the wines. Each glass feels like a work of art in the hands of the wine drinker while also delivering the promise of taste.

Riedel Glassware For Home
Riedel Glassware For Home

Currently, two main types of glasses are often purchased to never run out of glass options for every kind of wines:

·        Stemware

Wines are traditionally being sipped from stemmed glasses, only the length of the stem differs. Some make the glasses look tall while others short, but apart from aesthetics, the architecture of the glasses is often well researched in which the principles of science are used to make your drink feel tastier than if drunk from a simple glass. The size, height and width need to be in perfect balance, which makes bowl, base and stem to coordinate with each other in harmony.

·        Stemless

Though slightly unconventional, stem-less Wholesalers are multipurpose in their service while looking great on display cabinet as well as in the hand. The only problem could be of hand-warming the content of the glass which many wine enthusiasts may overlook, who want to taste the wine and not the ice. Riedel O Range is thus the tumblers that do not conform to the common perception of wine drinking and serving.

Why Riedel O Range is so popular

Established in 1756, Riedel Crystal has grown manifolds. Mastering the art of designing and crafting glassware, the company has come up with a glass that can match any individual or unique needs. Wine connoisseurs and people in the hospitality sector most obviously know the brand by its virtue; high-quality glass products are just an expectation set in stone.

Wholesalers are one of the largest stockists of Riedel in the UK – orders are normally dispatched from our UK Warehouse within 24 hours of placing your order, Monday to Friday.

Riedel products

We offer a vast selection of Riedel products and ranges, from the first ever grape specific Vinum range to the popular handmade Sommeliers range. We, in addition, keep an enormous collection of finest Riedel’s Wine Decanters too!

So what makes Riedel’s stemless wine glasses popular?

We can, of course, let you know why the Riedel O Range is so popular but one way to find out (and know for definite) is to try this collection. We cannot recommend this enough and we guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

  • Eye-catching – the O Range is both captivating and unique. Your guests will be impressed with your glass collection and will be unable to take their eyes off your glasses.
  • The first – Riedel’s O Range is the first varietal specific wine tumbler in history!
  • Reliable – the O glass is based on the benchmark shapes of Riedel Vinum.
  • Practical –  what exactly do we really mean by this? Yes the glasses are functional and can be used for serving wine, spirits, soft drinks or water but they are also ideal for everyday use as well as for an occasion. An all-round adaptable glass. Broken stems are no longer a cause for concern.
  • Fine-tuned – these glasses are generally specifically designed to improve the world’s most prominent grape styles and variations. There will be peacefulness that your wines will likely not only look fantastic but taste impressive too! From being an all-round drinking vessel the O Range glass is now a sophisticated and much loved wine accessory.
  • Benchmark – mutter the term “Riedel” in addition to many are aware of the company as the benchmark in wine glass pattern and sizing.
  • Loved by many – acceptable, therefore accurately expressing this isn’t exactly a good reason but yet a well-known fact.

The team at Wholesalers are also proud owners of Riedel glassware and know just how good it is. A glass that works.

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