Coronary Bypass Surgery – An overview

Coronary Bypass Surgery

Growing tension at the workplace, poor sleeping habits, wrong lifestyle combined with a bad selection of food regimen only has created the development of various types of health issues. The different parts of the human body are prone to get in damaged and contracting diseases if not properly maintained. One such issue that was once associated with people above the ’50s has emerged to become a common problem faced by even teenagers is a heart attack and stroke. The number of people suffering from heart-related ailments and dying from it is increasing at a fast pace with time. There have emerged numerous surgical and non-surgical procedures for such patients to avail at the best hospitals to help them lead a normal life. Advanced medical technology and the qualified heart specialists here combined with heart bypass surgery cost in India is what has been drawing patients from all over the world to visit here and get proper and timely treatments.

Coronary Bypass Surgery
Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass surgical procedure

Coronary bypass surgery in the last few decades has become a popular form to treatment to clear blocked heart arteries. Blood vessels are taken from the other body parts of the patient in the bypass operation and used to help redirect blood all over the blocked artery. This way, there is re-established proper and complete flow of blood to heart muscles.

Studies conducted have revealed that the difference between survival rates of those provided with medication and heart patients receiving bypass surgery is very little. This form of surgical procedure also offers pain relief.

Some conditions where the surgery acts as life saviour

This type of surgery is often performed on the patient to provide relief, rather than prolonging it throughout life. Some instances are present, where the surgery can be termed to be a failure and might even be fatal at times. Few such situations are:

  • If the person has a couple of coronary lesions, with properly functioning left ventricle, then the indication is of early symptoms and signs of experiencing heart disease. The person is likely to get tired very fast and his heart may start to pump very quickly but weakly.
  • If there is notice bleak blockage or narrowing of the coronary artery in the left main portion, then the entire blood supply is also likely to be blocked completely along with oxygen that moves towards the left ventricle, which is the heart’s main pump. This will only cause a potential fatal attack and the left ventricle to face serious damages.
  • The person might experience unbearable angina or chest pain because of narrowing down of the arteries. This is regarded as an important indicator to avail bypass surgical remedies since poor oxygen supply is derived by the heart muscles.

There are situations when opening up the blockage might seem to be impossible using angioplasty including cases, where even after performing angioplasty, blockage takes place, hence requiring recommending coronary bypass surgery.

Post-coronary bypass surgical procedure

It is without a doubt that there are experienced the enhanced flow of blood to the heart region after a bypass operation. But this is not termed as a remedy to cure completely the underlying disease in the coronary artery. But there is very much a possibility for the new blockage to occur in the arteries or grafts not bypassed. Hence, this issue should be taken care of by adopting appropriate lifestyle habits and sticking to a healthy diet. High cholesterol levels should also be treated aggressively and smoking quitted completely. This helps to reduce down the otherwise elevated cholesterol level. The patient will need to control diabetes and blood sugar, maintain a healthy weight and to regularly exercise.

Know the success rate

According to the domain specialists, bypass operation success rate is pegged around 98%. Patients suffering from blocked arteries and damaged heart muscles definitely face very high risk. But, one has to understand that there is no surgical procedure that does not come with any kind of risk associated with it. as a matter of fact, several complications might arise like stroke, infections, kidney failure, arrhythmias, etc. that can affect the person after undergoing the surgery. But with the experienced and highly qualified doctors and low heart bypass surgery cost in India, patients from all over the world can now realize their dream of leading a happy, satisfied, disease-free life.

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