Escape Unhealthy Postures with Purpleark Sit Stand Desks

Escape Unhealthy Postures with Purpleark Sit Stand Desks

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As humans, we have come a long way. Scientific research and technology has made enormous progress and has completely changed our lifestyle. However, this too came for a price. Our own bodies are not yet accustomed to the lifestyle we lead. For example, our bodies need exercise to function optimally, but we spend over 12 hours sitting.

Escape Unhealthy Postures with Purpleark Sit Stand Desks
Escape Unhealthy Postures with Purpleark Sit Stand Desks

The solution

How bad can sitting be? The effects of a prolonged sedentary lifestyle is so huge that there is a whole group of diseases that happen just because of sitting. We need to stand. We need to walk. We need to run. But how do we do so when we have to work at our desk for at least 8 hours a day? The answer is on your desk, a sit stand desk. You can adjust the height to your eye level when you sit or even when you stand.

Sounds inconvenient? It is not. Just a button on an electric height adjustable desk or a couple of simple manual maneuvers will do the trick.

The need for a sit-stand desk

We all know sitting for too long is bad for health. But how exactly? This is how sitting for too long affects our bodies:

  • Weakens bones and muscles that were originally meant for a more active life.
  • Osteoporosis as a result of weakening bones.
  • Contributes to a pot belly when we slouch as we sit.
  • Sitting for hours at a stretch is a risk factor for colon, breast, and endometrial cancer apart Osteoporosis from hernia.
  • The overall metabolism and digestion slow down when we sit for too long, contributing to high LDL cholesterol and obesity risks.
  • High cholesterol and high weight contribute to cardiac issues.

Now you know really how bad a sedentary lifestyle is for us.

Let’s take control

The sad part is, we have become so accustomed to having people with cardiac issues and weight problems around us that we don’t really think we can eradicate the problem. The good news is, we can bring about a collective change.

With a standing workstation at the office and at home, we can stand straight while we work. Those who don’t already have osteoporosis or weak knees will immensely benefit from a sit-stand workstation.

Purpleark’sergonomic sit stand desks

Purpleark’s standing desk models are made to suit people of all heights. Children can stand and have their breakfast at this desk or sit and do their homework. Adults can sit or stand working, without having to bend over to view the computer screen.

What is the point of having a height-adjustable desk that can only be elevated to a height that will need you to bend and put stress on your hip muscles and spine? Purpleark knows what you need.

These ergonomic desks are designed to put no pressure on your arms or neck when you try to adjust the height on a mechanical height adjustable model. These desks make sure you won’t have to strain your eyes or bend your back to get a clear view of your computer screen while standing.

Purpleark is for all

Purpleark’s adjustable standing desk will be able to carry 160 kg of weight so you can put anything you want on it. Computer, printer, a child’s project model, or even kitchen supplies that you might need to stand and work at for an hour-long preparation.

Purpleark’s stand up desk will change your life for the better.  Purpleark offers free shipping and installation so that you will have to go through no hassle to start your healthy, non-sedentary lifestyle.

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