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Home for everyone is a place to where you come after work where you want to spend time with your family, to have guests. This is why it is so important to make your home comfortable, stylish and functional to the max. You are going to find out about fashion interiors of the year 2019 for home improvement in this article. Creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your home depends on your creativity.


If you intend to upgrade your home, that is going to be a great idea of the arrangement. There are hundreds of fantastic options that you might possibly like. Improvement does not mean repair, so you can simply upgrade the furniture. Anyway, you first need to plan a budget. This is going to be as a starting point. You will get a clear understanding of what you can do to make your home beautiful and comfortable.

If you are worried about your budget, it’s a good idea to start with a single room, for example. After you complete this process, you will be able to estimate the budget required to improve the whole house. You can do a lot of independent work. However, if you have no experience, it’s better to use professional services. But believe that nowadays creating a polished and personalized aesthetic does not require an expert eye.

          There are many creative ways to furnish your apartment. The process overall can be lucrative and rewarding. Think over your space. Spend an hour and rearrange the furniture. Change some pieces of furniture from your living room with furniture from your dining room. It will feel like you just moved into this house. Spacious rooms is the basis of luxury interior design, they provide an opportunity to arrange all the desired furniture and leave a lot of free space. A large area will provide the most profitable layout already at the design stage, so that then you will not have to think about reconstruction. The high cost of high-end repairs is associated with the use of finishing materials of the premium category: natural wood, natural stone, collection ceramic tiles, fabric wallpaper, and crystal.

Take a look at these clever design recommendations and see if they can inspire you! Just take your ability for interior design and reconstructing to the next level with the help of this smart guide! With so many talented interior designers, you will be able to surprise your guests, neighbors and those who come to your house!

Actual styles of a living accommodations design

If you are serious about changing a design in your apartment, get rid of those details, which do not have any practical purpose. «Necessary things only!» if the slogan of the year 2018, which is why minimalism and other styles come into fashion, merging with it. 

High Tech

Plentiful light, simplicity in details, no bright colors and fancy décor, use of metal, plastics and glass are basic for a style, which has become popular with the development of technological progress. A priority is placed on functional household appliances, but not on sweet things.


Stylistics supposes Usage of cold shades (grey, white, blue) with one or two yellow accents. The light, wooden pieces, exposed brick, fireplace and animal skin on the floor stress the energy of Nordic temper and natural «wildness» of the atmosphere.


A style of industrial design, provocative and democratic at the same time, includes markedly rough details, studied simplicity. No wall finish, wood or stone flooring, big windows, plenty of point light, simple and cheap furniture are illustrative of it.


The modern world got tired of synthetic materials, rush and constant stressful situations, which is why people tend to be closer to nature. As a result, a necessity to cover one`s home with natural materials, natural motives, plants. Minor details, making stylistic look live visually, are allowed, however, they should be functional and really needed.

  It is not even necessary to keep interior up one style. Combination of related directions are allowed or inconspicuous turn of the main style. Scandinavian, fusion, loft, minimalism, boho and vintage, Provence and country styles are mixed well. There are many options; the main thing is to remember that the atmosphere should be simple and laconic.

The colour palette in interior design

Fashion interior trends of the year 2019 appeal for experiments with colours. Thus, the hottest new trends are vivid and fresh shades, which are turquoise and mint. Psychologists recommend them as an anti-stress agent, which promote a sense of peace and harmony. A few details in the interior are enough, curtains, a carpet with geometric pattern, upholstery and the room will become cosy and stylish. One of the trendiest shades, which have nothing to do with commonness, is simply beyond the pale colour. Intense pink with a reddish hue, it sets for positive, revive the space and become vivid, reassuring ascent. Use it wherever you want, however, it is going to look best of all on buttoned velvet furniture. Hot mustard colour is still on the front burner, which makes a room more comfortable and warm. The most applicable place is a kitchen, as long as it stimulates appetite and tunes for communication with family members, for example, while having a cup of tea.

A fancy shade marsala, which will become an excellent designer solution remains popular. Due to gentle tone, a room seems to be cosier, and a combination of marsala shade with neutral will make it look presentable and respectable.

Yellow and gold as a loud statement of a positive attitude to life come back in fashion. Using these colours in the interior is a brave and extravagant idea.


As was already mentioned, a focus in the interior design of 2019 is brought on organic materials. No imitation or fake, expensive textures of high quality only: stone; natural wood; glass; marble; granite; metal. Use cotton, silk, flax, leather for finishing. Cloth-base wallpapers came back into fashion yielding the palm to practical washing in due course. These textures have a number of advantages. They are long-lived and safe, aesthetic and create a special, inexpressible atmosphere. Using natural materials in their homes for many people is a symbol of statuses and prosperity, as they are expensive. However, you need to stick to the happy mean here: excessive use of natural materials creates bravery, unsuitable for a dominant style of the year 2018, which is minimalism.

Furniture, lightning

In accordance with the fashion tendencies of 2019, furniture is simple enough, with clear geometric lines. Beds, sofas, chairs are of classic shapes, without décor elements. If it seems to you that a room with such furniture looks rather severe, add a few chairs to the interior with laced chair backs, a roundtable with chrome-plated finishing. Little details will only make it more comfortable: colorful pillows; a huge poster; family photo inaccurate metallic frames.

Do not mix minimalism with autism! In terms of lightning, the more light in the room, the better. A room should breathe, which is why it would be helpful to widen the space to the max. Many spotlights produce an effect, the light of which is reflected on the mirror and glazed surfaces.

Melisa Marzett was recently in the process of remodeling her home making it light and bright.  Since she has always had a passion for writing about fashion, she works for, as well as develops and expresses her creativity in any design directions.

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