Few Common Cancers You Should Know About

The word cancer can literally give anyone a cold foot. You feel scared whenever you learn about the presence of cancer.  But do you know that there are great treatments these days for cancer? There are proper procedures that help the patients to fight cancer. But there is only one condition. Being a patient or a layperson, you have to be extra careful about your body. You have to be alert and notice everything that is happening to your body. If you experience any change make sure you speak with a doctor.

Common Cancers
Common Cancers

There are many cancers that can be healed and treated well. You can find the best cancer doctors in Bangalore or in your city. Anyhow, there are some common cancers that you should have an idea about. Keep on reading to know more about them:

Non-melanoma skin cancer

Effecting more than 1 million people a year, skin cancer can grow in the skin cells on any area of the body.  However, it is most usually on the skin that has been exposed to the sun.  You know there are diverse types of skin cancers like that of squamous cell skin cancer. It is discovered in the flat cells on top of your skin, and basal cell skin cancer that is found in the round cells deeper inside the skin’s outer layer. Most commonly, skin cancer influences older people or individuals who have a compromised immune system.

Lung cancer

Around 219,440 cases of this fatal or scary cancer were diagnosed in last year. This is cancer that does strike the cells inside the lining of the lungs. There are two main kinds of lung cancer — tiny cell and that of non-small cell lung cancer. Lung cancer claims nearly one hundred sixty thousand lives annually. Certainly, the number can go even higher.

Breast cancer

It is the form of cancer that actually affected 194,280 people in the year 2009 in US.  Of course, the number has gone up in the consequent years. This is by far the most usual cancer in women.  Though the overwhelming majority of breast cancer patients are women, nearly one thousand nine hundred cases are reported in men every year.  So, the thing is if there is any type of inconvenience or pain in your chest/breast, it gets important to talk to the doctor.

Colorectal cancer

There were somewhat 146,970 new cases of colon and rectal cancers found in the year 2010. The colon is the area of the huge intestine. It assists to break down and digest the food, and that of the rectum is the end of the large intestine that is adjacent to the anus.

Prostate cancer

There are many cases of this cancer reported every single year. Some doctors believe that this is the commonest cancer to impact men. It happens most often to men who are over age fifty.  The prostate gland is an area of the reproductive system in men and is discovered at the base of the bladder, right next to the rectum. It is cancer that develops in the tissues inside the prostate gland.

Bladder cancer

Maybe many of you have no clue but there is bladder cancer as well.  Nearly 71,000 people received this diagnosis in the year 2010. It is important to know that bladder can be impacted by cancer cells that develop within its tissues. The commonest kind is transitional cell carcinoma, but others, such as adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas, could also emerge, relying on which kind of bladder cells are engaged.

Melanoma cancer

It is expected to strike close to 68,720 individuals and melanoma is another type of skin cancer. It grows in the skin’s melanocyte cells and that generate the brown pigment melanin. Since melanoma develops in the skin that possesses a lot of pigment, it most of the times start in moles. Melanoma might also be found in other pigmented areas of the body, such as the intestines or even that of the eyes.

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is found in more than forty-nine thousand plus people each year. The kidneys are the organs that are assistive in excreting waste from the body in the form of urine. Cancer might develop inside the ducts or tissues of kidneys.  Maybe this kidney cancer grows mainly in people over forty; there is also a kind of kidney tumor that generally affects young kids.

So, since you know some of the common cancers prevailing in the world, make sure that you are not overlooking any serious signs.

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