How to keep Dandruff at bay
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How to keep Dandruff at bay

When it comes to dandruffs many people think that it mostly happens due to dry skin and scalp condition. But that is not necessarily the case always. The major reason behind dandruff is the overgrowth of a very common yeast known as pityrosporum or biculare.

This is a particular kind of yeast that survives due to skin oils and so people with oily scalp are often more prone to dandruff. So, they can always use the best anti dandruff shampoo for oily scalp India to get rid of that problem.

How to keep Dandruff at bay
How to keep Dandruff at bay

Not only oily or dry scalp conditions but stress can also lead to this irritating problem. It can worsen any kind of skin condition. This also impairs the immune system and can be a major cause of dandruff. Also, these flakes are itchy which creates a lot of problems on the scalp making it more irritating.


Also, there are some experts who say that if one washes and shampoos their hair on a regular basis, then it can strip out all the natural oils from their hair. There can be build up oil instead of that called sebum which can be a hotbed for the white flakes. Even if one shampoo on a regular basis then they have to choose very mild ones which can also have tea tree oil.

Also, healthy skin and hair completely depend on how healthy lifestyle one leads. Poor diet can lead to a lot of hair issues including dandruff problems. If a diet has full of trans saturated fats then it can help the sebaceous glands to produce more oil which in turn makes dandruff worse.  So one has to include a lot of avocado, olives and nuts on their regular diets. Also, Vitamin B is very essential for human health and thus one has to eat a lot of eggs, oatmeals and rice.

Here are some natural ways to fight back dandruff issues.


Table salt is a great way to eradicate dandruff. One has to take a salt shaker and shake some salt on the dry scalp. Then massage it gently all over the scrub and work out all the flakes from it. Then the next step is to shampoo the hair. Shampoo it well so that all the loose white flakes fall off and get a clean scalp.

Aloe vera

This is not only a dandruff fighter but it will also give some relief to the itchy skin. So, one needs to massage some aloe vera gel on the scalp and keep it for a few minutes before shampooing. This will have some cooling effect on the skin of the scalp and will soothe the itch. This is a great relief from the problem.


This has antimicrobial properties and it is good for eliminating dandruff issues. One can crush a small garlic and rub it on the scalp. in order to avoid the smell one can mix the garlic with the honey and then massage it on the scalp.

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