How To Use Social Media Networks As A Learning Tool?

How To Use Social Media Networks As A Learning Tool

Now we are living in a technological era where we have witnessed so many developments and changes in every field. Now more than 90%of people use internet and technological devices in their day to day life. It really helped every individual in achieving their dreams and aim. At first, people thought it will affect life negatively as people are so addicted to it. But now we can’t imagine a life without the internet and technological devices. In every field like business field scientifically commercial or even in the educational field, we can see the glimpse of technology and the revolution that made in particular field is deep and brought so many positive impacts on it. So in every sense technology has made our life easy and comfortable.

How To Use Social Media Networks As A Learning Tool
How To Use Social Media Networks As A Learning Tool

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When we talk about technology another important part I technology is social media. Now every individual whether it is the child student young generation or older generation everyone uses social media for different purpose. Some use social media for entertainment and some use for the learning process. So every individual is different like that their usage process is also different. Now more than 85%of people use social media and they are some kind of addicted to its functioning. It really makes our life happening and it helps to make our life more meaningful. So social media must be used for learning purpose. How can we use social media for learning purpose? That is the biggest question now. Parents are really worried when their children continuously use social media but they aren’t able to understand that it can be used for educational or learning purpose too.

Facebook group

Facebook is one of the main functioning of social media. Where people use to post their photos videos their activities publicly. Like that this can be used for learning purpose too. The teacher must create a facebook group where the students of that particular class must be included and they must use it for their learning purpose. They can submit videos and photos which are related to the education and examination oriented information’s. They can post assignment projects and other class activities in that group. And also can be used to announce the important dates related to examination payment of fee presentation of the project and also the deadline for the presentation of class work. It will really use full to the students. In the single post the necessary information’s can be reached to the students. It can use by the teachers too. The teacher can present home works and the introduction of the new chapter before going to the class according to that they can prepare. So such group will be very useful to the students as well as teachers.

Create a class Blog

A very useful technique to encourage creativity among students is creating classroom blogs. The teacher should take the initial steps to create a classroom. Students naturally heard about school blogs business related blogs and all. So they must be introduced to create classroom blogs. In which the teacher should include all the members of the classrooms. And should guide them to use that blog for posting their creative writing and creative thoughts over an issue. By creating blog teacher can boost and give confidence to those students who have the potential to come first in the class or experts in particular art but not coming forward because of their introvert personalities. Such students will get a chance to present their creative writing stories poems drawings and all. So it really helpful for learning new things and identifying the creative students in the class. They must be treated special and teacher must positive comment over their writings which will be like a reinforcement to the students and they will do their creative writings better and better. And the other students will also try to find their quality in any special field. So such things from social media can be used for developing personality and boosting confidence.

Use YouTube

YouTube is also a very important element in social media. More than 70%of people use YouTube for entertainment purpose as well as for learning purpose so many videos are uploaded in the YouTube which is related to entertainment for study purpose for discovering new things for encouraging creative works and so on. So many are there through which we can gain new knowledge and new information by seeing the uploaded videos. If any student wants a lecturing video on a particular topic they will get it without wasting their time. So like that it can use for students also. The teacher can upload videos of students in the   YouTube. If the students had many any artwork or any creative work or any models related to the education it can be uploaded in the YouTube. Through that, the society will be able to know about that talent. YouTube is another important platform for the students to present their ideas and creative writings and works to the public.

                                      So social media is not only for entertainment purpose it can use for educational purpose too. So many videos and applications are developed to encourage the learning process. Students can depend on social media because they will get all the necessary information from that. At the same time, it can be used by the student to. For presenting their writings their activities which are related to education. In the past, we just had the option to see the videos and read the post but now we know what exactly social media is and how can be it used for educational purpose. The young generation is smarter than the past generation and if they use it for right purpose then it will bring positivity in their learning process and will be able to attain their goal in their life.


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