Instagram The 10 Best Tools for The Next 2019
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Instagram: The 10 Best Tools for The Next 2019

It was June 2018 when Instagram reached a record of 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Staggering figures that have made it the most used and loved social media for users of all ages and backgrounds.

Publishing photos, sharing Stories, giving likes and winning new followers are by now customary actions for each of us (or almost). But Instagram is not just a platform for interaction between users, but also a “gold mine” for marketers and influencers. And if you want to make the most of the potential of social media, here is a list of the 10 best Instagram tools to use in 2019.

Instagram The 10 Best Tools for The Next 2019
Instagram The 10 Best Tools for The Next 2019

10 best Instagram tools to use in 2019

  1. Social Gone Viral

It is not easy to encourage the organic growth of your profile, you know. Here then is Social Gone Viral to help you. Taking advantage of well-designed marketing algorithms, the tool helps you to increase followers, comments, likes and much more. In short, it seems to be the right tool to create real trend posts.

  1. Magic Social

Do you want to emulate one of your favourite profiles or pass a competitor? Magic Social is the one for you! This tool makes it possible to track the activity of any Instagram profile, offering services such as benchmarking and engagement metrics. A useful tool to create an audience very similar to that of colleagues or competitors. A good solution to get the same success.

  1. Rocket Social

Photos are clearly a fundamental tool for feeding your Instagram profile. Getting likes and interactions with your images is therefore important for a successful account. Rocket Social is an automation tool that increases user interaction with photos from your Instagram profile. Of course, many prefer to exploit tools that point to organic growth, but do you really believe that this is enough to have millions of followers?

  1. Iconosquare

If you are building a real business through Instagram, you cannot disregard the data provided by the platform. Here the use of Iconosquare becomes essential. This tool makes it possible to access detailed information on followers, hashtag analysis and other important metrics. A useful tool, among other things, to understand why some actions become trendy.

  1. Unfold

It seems that the Stories will be the main social sharing tool of the future. Unfold is a tool that allows you to create design graphics for both photos and videos to share on the stories. It’s a perfect tool for profiles who want to take advantage of Instagram’s new feature to grow their audience.

  1. Social Rank

Gaining success on social media does not only mean having an increasing number of followers but also knowing them and interacting with them. To understand your audience, we suggest Social Rank. The tool allows you to accurately investigate the demographics of your audience, creating specific lists and identifying the most involved followers and much more. A great tool to segment the people who follow you and create optimal content.

  1. Magisto

For fans of video content, Magisto is in effect the perfect tool. With the help of artificial intelligence, this video editing platform creates high-impact corporate and personal content.

  1. Have2Havelt

If you run e-commerce, here is the perfect tool for you! Have2Havelt allows companies to increase their sales by providing followers with a link to purchase products. The operation is simple: the user will click on the image and the indications of products on sale will appear, with a link to the e-commerce page.

  1. Sendible

Are you looking for someone to manage your Instagram profile for you? There is Sendiblefear not! This tool allows you to plan/publish content, respond to followers and develop analysis reports. Very useful for company profiles, which can be easily managed even from mobile devices.

  1. Boomerang

Created directly by Instagram, Boomerang is a tool that allows you to create short and engaging videos. The tool brings together a series of small snapshots and creates a video that has the effect of a Gif, fun and impactful. He is known among bloggers and young people who love to use Instagram to share their lives with friends and followers. Simple and effective, inevitable in the tools kit of every marketer.

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