Modern day hospital: How to get admitted?

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The hospital is regarded to be an institution that offers patients with various types of health care facilities and treatments. It also offers those facing critical health situations with long term patient stays. The modern-day hospital can be termed to be a centre, attended by general physicians, specialists, surgeons, nurses, staffs, and other health care professionals having different specializations in the medical field. Getting admitted at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon will mean the family and the patient can have peace of mind and an assurance of the patient coming back home to lead a normal life.

Modern day hospital
Modern day hospital

What is the hospital?

Hospitals during medieval times served other functions like a hotel for pilgrims, almshouse of poor and the orphans, etc. The name ‘hospital’ has been derived from hops (host) in Latin, which is also considered to be the root for hospitality and hotel words. The hospital is run with the objective to save as many lives as possible. It might vary in the types of services it provides and a size ranging from the small unit offering low-risk treatments and general care to specialized, large centres providing experimental and dramatic therapies. But the patient’s choice of a hospital might get limited due to affordability and insurance coverage factor, type of care provided and physician’s hospital affiliation.

Knowing the dangers

Prior to getting admitted to any hospital, it is necessary for the patient and his/her family to be aware of all potential dangers involved. There are some unfortunate hospital hazards that are to be researched upon and understood like unexpected drug reactions, hospital-borne infections, unnecessary operations and fatal or harmful blunders. The Medicine Institute recently had identified three major areas, where healthcare system, hospitals and its staffs are found to fall short of usage of inappropriate or unnecessary care, like excessive antibiotics, shortcomings in interpersonal, technical and communication skills and underuse of effective care like less pap smears or immunization. Preventable infection is by large the greatest danger surrounding the hospital. Hence, the selection needs to be a good and reputed one and not a cheap one.

How to ensure getting proper care at the hospital?

There are some crucial guidelines that the patient or his/her family need to undertake prior to getting admission into a hospital.

  • If there is a present choice of hospital, then it will be necessary to compare their market reputation and accreditation status. Hospitals are also subject to frequent inspections by the concerned government authorities to ensure that they comply with the set standards.
  • Prior to getting admitted to the hospital, it will be essential to determine the type of accommodation preferred, which will again depend upon financial abilities.
    • Is there a need for a special diet?
    • Will there be a need to avail a single room and pay extra or general bed?
    • Does the patient want a roommate or stay alone?
    • Is there a need for an air conditioner or a normal room?
    • If the condition is worse and needs attention, is there a provision for someone from the family to stay with the patient.
  • At the same time, it will be crucial to know the rights of being a patient. Hospitals do offer information booklet which clearly informs the rights of the patients, what they can and cannot. It also provides information about drugs, tests and procedures, respect, courtesy and opportunity to take own decisions.

The patient should take well-informed decisions that go in his/her favour to have a comfortable stay and to derive the best medications, treatment and attendance by the best doctors and nurses present in the hospital. Prior to authorizing any type of procedure to be undertaken, the patient is to be adequately informed about the same, treatment options, medical conditions faced by them, expected risks, the prognosis of the condition including the person’s name who will be given charge to provide the necessary treatment. It is termed as informed consent.

Again, if the patient is handed over a consent form to sign, then it should be read thoroughly and understood clearly. If skeptical, the procedure can be postponed, so that the matter can be disused with the physician and to get to know the details about it. Choosing Medanta Hospital Gurgaon is sure to help the person to eliminate all worries about the procedures and the ailments suffered.

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