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Will AR Rule the Future of SMO?

It’s difficult to envisage the kind of impact that AR (Augmented Reality) has made unless we are quantifying it. Augmented Reality is poised to command more significance than Virtual Reality in terms of spending by the year 2022. As far as the famous brands are concerned, more than 25% of them are interested to integrate […]

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7 Gaming Categories to Try Out Today

Gaming isn’t just about entertainment and amusement. Even, gaming also benefits us in various ways, like increasing the rate of concentration, enhancing memory, and improving our multitasking skills as well. According to a study in China, playing games just for 1 hour can affect our brain, which further gives benefits, like better focus and ability […]

Old Gadgets Worth in Today Market
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Old Gadgets Worth in Today Market

In today’s market everthing is worth to its price. When we talk about a mobile phone or a tablet or any other gadgets we come to know they are as much as important than our personal things. Coming to know, that our old gadgets are also valuable in today’s life. Since ages there is an […]