Photorealistic Renders Vs Google Sketch UP8

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3D architectural rendering is the most preferred way to present the designs in real estate. It gives a comprehensive look to images of designs and layout which has a higher probability of convincing the client. If you are using SketchUp, you must know about photorealistic software programs. Here, we are going to discuss the functions of SketchUp and find out why photorealistic programs can be a better choice. First of all, we should understand the role of SketchUp in construction projects.


3D rendering service providers use sketch up as a tool for most of their tasks. It is an excellent modelling software program that is used to create graphics of 3-D objects. It is beneficial for those who want to express feeling and infuse vibes in the graphics of design and layouts.

The best thing about SketchUp is that even a beginner can use it easily; it doesn’t need any kind of mastery to create graphics using this software. The only requirement is an image or just an idea which you have to convert into a photorealistic graphic using SketchUp. It is used for a variety of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design but it does not give any photorealistic effect in its animation and graphics.

Now that we have understood what is Google Sketch 8 or SketchUp, we should clear our understanding of what Photorealistic Rendering Programs. What those rendering programs offer and how is better than SketchUp.


Many Photorealistic Rendering Programs have arrived in the market. Each one of them is trying to deliver a better wok than the other. The reason why software engineers and technicians are investing their time and effort in creating these kinds of programs is its utility in real estate; these programs have simplified a huge piece of work in construction projects. Clients can see the end product with so much clarity because of these software programs. These programs do a better job than SketchUp because these photorealistic rendering programs give a cleaner and more realistic look to images. The images which are rendered with using these programs are much better than the ones created with SketchUp. Although the expertise of the artists also contributes to the quality of the created images, there is no comparison of these rendering programs. Photorealistic rendering programs are used over SketchUp when there is a need for details in images. The rendered models are more comprehensive and attractive as compared to images of SketchUp.


There are a lot of software programs that can create magnificent 3D rendered images. Here, we have piled a list of those software programs which are used in the real estate industry on a large basis. You can create photorealistic images with the help of these rendering programs.

These are the top 8 Programs

  1. 3D Max
  2. Blender 3D
  3. Keyshot
  4. Maya
  5. Modo
  6. Maxwell
  7. Lumion
  8. Toolbag

These are some easy to use and affordable software program which is useful in a lot of things apart from 3D rendering. Some of them give instant results without taking much time and effort. The best thing about these programs is that it is convenient for a beginner. Their animation is multifunctional which will give a perfect look to the 3d images.


Plug-in is an important part of these software programs. It defines different functionalities in the program; there are different plug-ins for different types of tasks. The additional plug-ins can be installed to give a new touch and to do required modifications to created graphics.


Although photorealistic rendering software can give an outstanding look for everything in architectural projects, there is a need for Photoshop to give a bit more clarity and depth to the images. The use of photoshop software sharpens the 3D rendered images and makes it look more attractive. Anything which has not been cracked in the 3D rendered images can be made to add the touch of Photoshop; basically, it is used to make the presentation flawless.

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