Solutions to the common LED TV problems

Solutions to the common LED TV problems

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Do you face problems with the LED TV regularly? Then this article is for you. Today LED TVĀ  has made a revolution in the television industry. Many see TV as the idiot box, but the reality is it is the only source of entertainment for common people. Now normal televisions (we mean to say the CRT models) are replaced by LED TV. It will be very frustrating when the device faces problems when you are listening/viewing important news or events. It is better to get service done regularly and never miss any important event.

Solutions to the common LED TV problems
Solutions to the common LED TV problems

Some common LED TV problems and solutions

  1. LED TV Screen Goes Blank

This problem will be faced by everyone in one or other day. This will occur when the TV is getting older more than 5 years. In this case, the power supply unit inside the led TV will have the issue. This unit is responsible for sending and receiving the power to all the components in the led TV. This unit can be damaged by the voltage variations. Usually, capacitors inside the power supply unit will be worn out. This can be fixed by removing the power supply unit and changing the capacitor. This usually requires professional help. Better to hire a technician and fix the problem.

  1. LED TV Has Horizontal Lines On The Screen

This problem is associated with two aspects. One is poor signal strength from the set-top box. The second is related to malfunctioning picture tube on the TV. Poor signal strength can be easily rectified by rising a compliant with the set-top box operator and fine-tuning them. In some cases, the picture tube can be damaged. This creates the lines in the screen and disturbs the picture quality. This situation needs a replacement but it will be costing almost 30 percent of your TV cost. This problem needs help from a LED TV repair expert.

  1. LED TV With No Sound Output

You can see the images, but there will be no audio. This situation happens when the internal speakers in the TV fail. Check for the same situation on every TV channel. If it is associated with a particular channel then raise a complaint. You can complain to the set box operator and get the problems rectified. There are chances of problems with the internal speakers. Change them with the help of a professional TV Mechanic.

  1. Led TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

The recent models have come with Wi-Fi enabled options. The TV now requires the internet connection to get updated. Is the TV not connecting with the WiFi? Then it may be the problem of Wi-Fi router or a problem on the TV. First, try clearing the cache present on the TV. Open the browser setting clear the cookies and cache memory present in the appliance. A large amount of cache can even block the Wi Fi connection. If the problem remains still the same, then check the wifi router whether the device is working properly or not. If not, contact the internet service provider and get the problem fixed. This can even happen with the TV when the TV cables have become damaged. Get the problem fixed with the help of a professional who knows about the model.

  1. LED TV Backlight Problem

When you activate the screen, half the screen is dark and half the screen is light in color contrast. Improper image quality is displaced in the TV. This generally happens when the TV comes with the manufacturing defect. But in some cases, it can be corrected with the contrast adjustment present in the setting. by adjusting the backlight level according to the room condition. Or raise the complaint with the manufacturer and get the problem fixed.


In this article, you find some problems are major and need the assistance of a LED TV repair professional. Let us assume you are in Bangalore and your LED TV is giving problems. You feel that the problem can be solved only by the expert for TV repair in Bangalore. However, check if the maintenance service is due for your LED TV. And with the home assistance companies providing doorstep repair services with qualified professionals, you can solve any type of LED TV repair problem with ease.

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