Spine Surgery hospital in india
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Spine Hospital: Is it Essential to go there?

If you have any type of health condition or pain, you should take measures. You must consult a professional to ensure that you are healthy, effective and safe. It is always better to control an ailment or health condition before it expands out of proportion. Once things get out of hand, these can turn out to be grave.

There are many patients having low back pain wonder if they are going to need back surgery and if and when they must consult a spine surgeon. Talking about a spine surgeon, an orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon is a person who specializes in spine surgery.  For most of the instances of low back pain, it is better to start off with a primary doctor and if things sound serious then you must go to the best spine hospital in India for the checkup and treatment.

Spine Surgery hospital in india
Spine Surgery hospital in india


  • A primary care physician or doctor might prescribe medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or for extreme episodes of low back pain, non-narcotic pain medicines. These doctors can also give a short course of narcotic pain medications. The doctors can also order physical therapy and refer you to a chiropractor.
  • A chiropractor characteristically specializes in making use of mechanical means to ease the patient’s low back pain, like an adjustment or one of various modalities.

Well in case the low back pain begins to get better early, then the patient could generally resume general activities in a gradual speed and it will not be essential to see a spine surgeon. Physical therapy and exercise coupled with back care education are most of the times recommended.  Similarly, a combination of enhanced ergonomics,  everyday posture, and regular stretching and exercise all have an important role in great back care and they are helpful in lessening the chances of future instances of low back pain and the likelihood of eventually needing to consult with a professional spine doctor or surgeon.

When should you see a low back pain doctor?

Low back surgery is only able of rectifying anatomical conditions that end up in either spinal instability or that of nerve pinching. In case either of these problems is present on an imaging study and the symptoms of a patient fit with the radiographic or clinical picture, then spine surgery could be designated. In case there is no recognizable anatomic cause of the low back pain of a patient then back surgery is not a choice. In case non-surgical fails to eradicate the pain of a patient, it is not in and of itself a hint for having spine surgery. There should also be an anatomical cut that can be recognized as the reason for the patient’s low back pain.

Who takes the decision for surgery?

The decision on whether or not to go through that of back surgery for low back pain is nearly always the decision of the patient. Only in infrequent instances – like cauda equina syndrome or an abdominal aortic aneurysm – is prompt medical attention needed. The spine surgeon should be in a position to give the patient sufficient information about the pros and cons of the process to help the patient with his or her decision making procedure.

Important things to consider

There are a few important things that you should consider. Have a look below:

  • The level of low back pain and/or leg pain. In case the pain is not alleviated by non-surgical procedures and has sustained for a couple of weeks or months, it could be time to see a spine specialist or surgeon. In case the pain is extreme then it could be advisable to consult with a spine surgeon right there. If medicines are not working then these doctors can help.
  • Capability to function with the low back pain. Rather even more vital than the level of low back pain and leg pain is the ability of the patient to continue to function in daily activities. in case one is not in a position to go to work and unable to do complete other activities of daily living, it may be better to consider spine surgery sooner rather than that of later on.

Thus, the point is if you have any persistent pain you should not overlook it. The spine is an important part of your body and you cannot ignore it. It is good if you talk to a doctor in the best spine hospital in India for the best treatment.

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