This New Year We Resolve to Stand Up against Cancer

This New Year We Resolve to Stand Up against Cancer

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Sitting for hours at the desk makes us mentally drowsy and physically tired. We need to stand up more often at work. A sedentary lifestyle has various ill effects on our body and mind, including cancer. Yes, a sedentary lifestyle is a legitimate risk factor for some cancer types.

This New Year We Resolve to Stand Up against Cancer
This New Year We Resolve to Stand Up against Cancer

But we don’t have to equate a desk job with a sedentary lifestyle anymore. We can take a stand. Having a sit stand mobile workstation helps us do what is otherwise not practically feasible.

The various rules

Alternating between sitting and standing postures every 30 minutes is healthy. Some say standing for 5 minutes every fifteen minutes helps avoid the consequences of a basically sedentary lifestyle. Some say brisk walking or jogging is necessary if you sit for 8 hours straight.

Whatever you believe in, or whatever works for you is what you should choose to do. With a sit-stand desk converter you will finally be able to do it. You will be able to work standing.

Why Purpleark?

Purpleark’s sit stand desk models are recommended over others because:

  • Purpleark makes ergonomic desk models so that you won’t have to slouch or strain your eyes to view your computer while sitting or standing.
  • The wide range of height adjustment available ensures that your legs will find a comfortable spot no matter how tall or short you are.
  • The wide range of height also ensures anybody can use the standing desk. Children, adults, it is a one-stop solution for all.
  • Adjusting the height of the electric height adjustable desk models is easy enough for even children to switch between sit and stand modes. Just a button and your work is done.
  • The manual standing desk converter models at Purpleark are designed keeping all kinds of people in mind. You won’t need any physical strength to change the height of the desk.

Apart from these benefits, Purpleark customers get free shipping and installation. You won’t have to spend an hour figuring out your way around the installation and height adjustment procedure. It will be shown to you.

You will also get a 5 year warranty on all Purpleark standing desk actuators. You get every part with the shipping. The frame, the tabletop, the actuators, you won’t have to bring anything separately to have your height adjustable desk installed.

Relation with Cancer

When we do not slouch while sitting, we avoid the risk factor of endometrial cancer and breast cancer. Our bodies were meant for a lot of exercises, a lot of heavy work. Our lives have become sedentary but our bodies aren’t yet accustomed to it. Here is how a sedentary lifestyle can cause endometrial cancer:

  • Sitting for too long makes us gain weight. Obesity is a risk factor for endometrial cancer. The excess fat accumulated in our belly region as a result of long sitting hours and slouching puts pressure on a woman’s reproductive organs. A desk job is particularly harmful for pregnant women.
  • Sitting for too long changes our appetite. Long breaks between meals is a risk factor for endometrial cancer as well. Heavy meals after hours of fasting has a negative impact on the muscles in the belly region.
  • The muscles become weak due to lack of exercise. This too is a risk factor for endometrial cancer and cancer of any part around the stomach.

Standing up occasionally at work helps us be healthy and much more productive throughout the day. A sit stand desk converter is therefore crucial for the good health of people who have to spend hours in front of a computer, and a few more hours at a desk at home.

No more excuses

With an affordable, convenient to use, and totally practical range of sit stand desks at your disposal, there is no more excuse to not stand up for good health anymore.

Install a sit stand workstation at your office for all your employees, and a stand-up desk at home for your family. Let us avoid endometrial cancer, by alleviating the excess pressure we put on our abdomens by sitting for hours on end.

Stay healthy and keep everybody around you, healthy. While people are beginning to give up on their gym resolution already, let us take a smarter route. Let’s reduce the chances of endometrial cancer with a healthier take on sedentary lifestyle. Let us trade sitting and take a stand with the healthy sit stand desk models from Purpleark. With a height adjustable desk from Purpleark we will be able to stand straight and sit straight whenever we want, thereby reducing pressure on our bellies and endometrial system.

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