Try Ayurveda to get Good Memory power

Did you forget your keys of your Apartments or you remember the faces of people , but not their names . Memory decline in people over 40 years of age is very common practice today . But the disease can also be avoided .

● Ayurveda says that the memory can be increased at any age . Provided you become aware of certain things and some things make up an important part of their lives .” Some tips to improve memory

1) Be Active –Be active for at least 5 days per week . Fresh air up to 30 minutes to walk or bicycle hand Yoga 12 , which says that Sun Salyuteshn 

2) Breathe : –Such procedures , do yoga is to breathe through the nose, as opposed morganatic . They are activated our left and right Hamisfiyr and memory is fine .Stand straight and take a deep breath . Looked at the sky breathe . His chin toward the chest while breathing look at the ground . To do this 7 times .

3) Read something : –Our memory is like our muscle . When there is no way the use of muscle weakness that does not practice the same way our memory is also constantly weakens

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