Will AR Rule the Future of SMO?


It’s difficult to envisage the kind of impact that AR (Augmented Reality) has made unless we are quantifying it. Augmented Reality is poised to command more significance than Virtual Reality in terms of spending by the year 2022. As far as the famous brands are concerned, more than 25% of them are interested to integrate this Technology as against 21% in case of Virtual Reality. At present also, AR is catching up at a higher speed than VR. Apple, for instance, has recently announced that with iOS 11 (operating system) and iPhone X, the company is clearly looking at bringing this particular technology to the millions of its users across the globe.


Why is it believed that AR will rule Social Media in Future?

The endorsement from such a big brand brings the focus to one of the most important aspects of marketing – i.e. social media. Augmented Reality is definitely one of those trends that will affect the future of social media. Experts of social media optimization in Bangalore will tell you that every well-known platform like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will be impacted.


Around 37% of the global population is on social media. 60% of these users are Americans. So, the power of social media, when it comes to marketing your brands cannot be denied. And, social media, we all know is largely influenced by technology. As such, expect more and more brands incorporating Augmented Reality in social media advertisements. Both Facebook Messenger Bot and LipArtist can be at the forefront of this “change”. Imagine how a brand like Estee Lauder is actually using these two tools to invite users to try out different shades of lipstick. In case, customers are pleased with how they look, they can further visit the website to make the purchase. Messenger, notably commands 1.3 billion daily users. And, with AR on the rise, it’s the perfect time to witness the seamless merger of business and technology.

How Will AR Change Social Media Content Delivery?

The way in which brands deliver content on social media will also change. We are witnessing an era when we will see interactive content taking the center-stage. As far as content is concerned, the focus will now shift from 2D to 3D.

When will AR be successful?

It is very important for brands to make sure that their users understand what Augmented Reality actually is. AR will only be embraced in its entirety when your users are able to envisage the simplicity of its use. Instead of presenting AR as a technical refinement of sorts, make sure you are utilizing it to address their immediate needs in a simple way. Ivan The (founder of Fusionex-International), for instance, says that a restaurant can use this technology to give their customers a glimpse of it will be like dining there. Or for that matter, a car service company can show its users how a product can be purchased online or used.

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