Things You Should Know Before Going to a Gynecologist

Things You Should Know Before Going to a Gynecologist

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Shalini’s period began to worsen for a full ten-day period. Right now she is only 17 years old, and even after such a problem, Mummy is also a little worried. she said we go to the doctor. Shalini told her sister-in-law, Smita, on whom Smita said: There is no need to think so much about going to the gynecologist. Nowadays schools have started to tell that menstruation is a fall-out layer of your uterine every month. It shows that your reproductive system (reproductive system) is working properly.

Things You Should Know Before Going to a Gynecologist
Things You Should Know Before Going to a Gynecologist

After addressing his mother-in-law, Smita said: Mummy, To go to a Gynecologist, there should not be any waiting for any problem to go. Rather, seeing the doctor in the early stages of the problem also leads to treatment and also comfort. We may have some problems related to women which we often look blind and do not go to the doctor. Every woman has a different body, and for this reason, different symptoms can be seen in period or innovation. Periods of some women end in a short time and they last for a long time. Some have very little discharge and some women have high amounts of fluid. Although the problems are mostly associated with periods apart from this, there may be some reasons associated with our reproductive system when we may have to go to the doctor. I tell you that different kinds of problems came with my friends and they had to go to the doctor.

In foreign countries, girls and women go to the Gynecologist regularly. Most pregnant women in our country go to the doctor, but there are also many issues when we should go to the doctor.

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know about when it is necessary to meet the gynecologist:-

Irregular period – Shalini should have ten days before the period. Within a few years when our period starts for the first time, we become aware of the nature of our period. Like our periods will last for so many days and they are so much in quantity and should come in such a long time. As soon as there is something different, our anxiety increases with our Shalini. On average, the interval for any woman’s arrival is 28 days and it takes 3 to 4 days. But there were different types of periods in women but my friends only.

My friend Shweta’s period once again lapsed a whole month. There is no such thing as fear in it but if it happens frequently, then the doctor must definitely go. This is a knock on any problem arising in our reproductive system. If there are frequent periods of somebody coming after a long gap, then there is a sudden increase in weight, incidence of the disease, deterioration of food, no different illness, any medication or drug, more travel, non-suit berth control (breeding control ) Medicines, too much tiring routines, mental stress, breastfeeding, and asthma can also happen.

Apart from this, polycystic ovary syndrome (polycystic ovaries syndrome), menopause (hiatus period) or hormones become uncontrolled. Therefore it is very important to know the correct reason by showing the doctor.

Urinary problems- My other friend had to go to the bathroom again and again. In this round, he showed the doctor. It is known that it has urinary tract infection (urinary tract infections). There is another symptom of this infection, which causes low amounts of urine, pain while doing and sometimes irritation occurs. The lower part of the stomach causes pain and the urine becomes smelly. The same problems should be shown to the doctor immediately upon arrival.

Unusual white discharge (white matter): In almost all women, a little white substance comes out of the genitals (Vazina), which is quite normal. This is done by cleaning our weavers and servix (cervix). This increases in amounts when ovulating (ovulating) in women is done. Apart from this, breastfeeding and emotional changes also increase white substances. My friend Shruti had to go to the doctor because her white color changed, she started getting more quantity and became very smelly. He had bacterial and yeast infection which was completely cured after treatment. Apart from this, the quantity of white matter can be increased by the type of infection which is caused by the husband. Such infections are infected. Birth control drugs, cervical cancer, and end of period (menopause) may also be due to this. Medical advice is extremely important.

Uncontrolled blood leak: There may be information about the arrival of a major problem when there is no period of the period when bleeding from the vagina is such time. Should immediately go to the doctor. After making a connection, bleeding may be due to mild lesions in the uterine layer or for some other reasons. Blood like this can be seen due to uterine polyps, fibroids, infection and cervical or uterine cancers. The problem becomes very serious if there is negligence in it. Especially pregnant women should be shown to the doctor immediately.

Abnormally high blood flow: If there is too much fluid during periods when it can be worrisome. This may be due to changes in hormones, swelling, and endometriosis in piles, pallops, adenomyosis, pelvic. It also reveals diseases of thyroid, anemia, liver, and kidney in the body. The doctor gave Blackstrepe Molesase to my friend Fatima, which has the capacity to increase red blood cells. It is necessary to fulfill the excessive bleeding.

Sweating too much: If there is a problem of excessive sweating in women over 40 years of age, then it could be a sign of going to the doctor. Whether you are awake or sleeping, excessive sweating can end the period of your period ie the knee of the menopause phase. Apart from this, irregular periods, dryness in the vagina, changes in mood and lack of sleep can also be symptoms of menopause. The gynecologist will tell the correct cause and correct treatment after the diagnosis and you will be absolutely fit.

Everyone needs to be careful by seeing the growing case of breast cancer. A friend of mine, Amita, felt some blood pressure and immediately examined the doctor, she had breast cancer, but due to her early treatment, she was completely cured.

You have often read or heard that wrong and irregular lifestyles increase the risk of fatal illness like cancer. So whenever the doctor visits for a checkup, telling him about his daily routine and eating habits, it must be asked if there is no possibility of any illness or what lifestyle to adopt in order to stay healthy.

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